A shipment from the Far East going to South Asia declared various sewing machines valued at a total CIF of $23,958 declared.


Findings: Publican Detected a High Risk of Counterfeit Fraud

Publican found that the exporter has previously committed IP infringements on sewing machines which is a strong indication of continued illicit trade.



The prices declared for the sewing machines were abnormally low compared to global historical data and similar HS Code products per unit.



How did Publican uncover this?

Publican analyzed all goods & HS Code classification, including the average prices listed for similar products per unit. It also harnessed its unique access to local sources in the region to unearth deep insights such as previous infringements connected to the exporter, leading it to conclude a high risk of integrity concern.



Publican immediately flagged the shipment for inspection, providing the receiving customs authority with the correct average price per unit, the exact revenue to be accrued from the corrected declaration, and the ability to stop all manners of counterfeit goods at the door.