A US-based company engaging in the export of minerals, precious metals, and gemstones was vetted by Publican.



Publican detected a high risk of fraudulent behaviour in the company’s business presence, reputation, legal standing, and company structure, and flagged them.


Mismatch in Business Scope:

The company specializes in the supply of minerals, precious metals, and gemstones but also engages in the export of sugar from Brazil.




The company has been associated with fraudulent activities. China Customs recommends that domestic importers refrain from conducting business with them.


Bad Reviews:

Publican detected a review describing the company’s address as closed and its phone number as not connected to the company.


Problematic Employee Profile:

An employee exhibited risky online behaviour, promoting content related to pyramid schemes.


How Did Publican Uncover This?


By harnessing its real-time global data, Publican conducted a comprehensive analysis of the company and uncovered subtle but significant signs of their lack of legitimacy. Publican was able to unearth these key insights by checking every element of the company, concluding that the company is likely fraudulent and poses a business risk. The unique ability to gain full visibility in one comprehensive report ensures no risk goes unnoticed.