Inspect every shipment quickly and accurately

A Digital shipment vetting solution for Customs authorities to process shipments efficiently, while securing revenue and enforcing policies.
Digital shipment vetting
In today’s interconnected world, the supply chain disruption is resulting in slowdowns, bottlenecks, and huge revenue loss.
In 2021 alone,
Customs lost $873B/Y
in revenue Taxes
shipment vetting
vessel vetting
Ultra eradicates fraudulent trade
Publican, Ultra’s automated digital shipment vetting system, provides unique, reliable and relevant intelligence on traders, goods and vessels to vet all shipments quickly and accurately determining risk levels and providing a go – no go recommendation in seconds. for more info
Secure Revenues, Facilitate Trade and Protect Your Nation
With advanced digital vetting systems powered by AI, and massive proprietary global data loads, Publican consistently achieves 100% Inspection in under 11 seconds. This leads to rapid processing time, streamlined operational performance and an increase in direct tax revenue collection.
digital shipment vetting
shipment vetting
AI Driven shipment classifcation in under 11 seconds
Comprehensive checks pre-arrival
Rapid release of shipments
Highly accurate
Fully automated

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