Ultra is shaping the future of trust with Online Vetting

Our solutions are changing the way the world checks and vets companies, people and goods. We empower governments and enterprises to enable trust and help them avoid unnecessary risk.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

The World Around Us

Products with a Mission

Our mission is to do good in the world and promote trust by creating secure environments

Tikun Olam

We are committed to providing non-profit organizations with access to our technology, advancing public safety, and deploying our resources and employees to volunteer work to benefit our community

Ethics First

We operate with the highest ethical standards and respect and uphold internationally recognized individual liberties and human rights. Our technology is compliant with GDPR regulation

Our Company

Equal Opportunity Employers

We create an environment free of discrimination and harassment and prioritize a diverse workforce. Today our team is comprised of more than 50% women.

Financially Ethical Operations

Our employees are compensated generously, income is accounted for accurately and transparently and we are supported by a diverse and fair board of directors.

Environmentally Responsible

We are mindful of minimizing our ecological footprint, minimizing the use of plastic, recycling, digitizing documentation and more.


In 2016, we established Ultra to connect the physical and the digital worlds and enable trust and transparency via effective and accurate digital online vetting.

Already deployed in over 40 countries, we are continuing on this journey of safeguarding the digital economy to positively impact billions of people worldwide.

Our Leadership Team

Ram Ben Tzion

Co-Founder & CEO

Ben Gold

Co-Founder & CTO

Elad Kotzer

Co-Founder & COO

Meital Shnitzer

VP Product

Keren Bargay

VP Marketing

Rudy Kirzhner

VP, Head of Publican Business Unit

Vered Livneh

VP Growth

Shiri Daniel

VP Finance

Amir Schaffer

VP Delivery

Daniel Arbel

VP Legal and Compliance

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