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digital vetting
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digital vetting

Digital Vetting

Millions of businesses and organizations must vet the people, companies and goods they interact with daily in order to create a trusted and sustainable environment.

Ultra’s Digital Vetting empowers governments and enterprises with solutions that accurately and automatically uncover indicative and risky online behavior patterns to enable trust and help avoid unnecessary risk.

AI technology

Our core AI technology is comprised of two layers:

AI technology


Collecting valuable intelligence from an immense wealth of public digital data sources

ai vetting


AI-based capabilities enabling accurate and timely insights and decision support

We are pursuing a future of
Trust & Transparency
in an interconnected world

Ultra delivers fully-transparent insights based on publicly available digital information — enabling customers to focus on what’s most important to them while we help mitigate the risks.

Our Uniqueness


Tapping into thousands of external and global data sources

Rapid &

We vet entities en masse and in a matter of seconds


We detect and reveal suspicious entities, with even the lowest signatures


We developed a proprietary technology, utilizing AI and ML for powerful analysis


Ultra's digital vetting solutions are employed by a wide range of applications for governments and enterprises worldwide

  • Digital economy
  • Financial & Insurance services
  • Customs & Trade
  • Entertainment & Public Venues
  • Logistics operators
  • Employment Services
  • Aviation & immigration
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