Checks and vets suppliers to meet compliance & ESG regulations

Publican Digital Vetting technology powered by AI attains comprehensive supply chain visibility into every entity - exporters, vendors, and pertinent sanctions , allowing you to make informed decisions.
Navigating the rising waves of fraud, exploitative labor, and regulatory shifts while safeguarding the integrity of every shipment remains almost impossible.
Ultra ESG Inspection System
Publican’s advanced AI technology efficiently manages your ESG and government compliance needs, offering deep visibility into supply chain tiers, identifying unnoticed problematic entities and anomalies that otherwise go unnoticed.
Combat fraudulent activities, enforce sanctions, improve compliance performance
Publican system ensures companies comply with trade regulations and sanctions in real-time. It detects a wide range of exclusive risk indicators associated with fraudulent and sanctioned activity to enhance business security, helping companies meet the highest standards in all their products and trading operations.
shipment vetting
Deep visibility into supply chain tiers
Enhance business security
Align with compliance
Highly accurate
Fully automated

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