A U.S.-based private company, trading across multiple verticals with various Chinese manufacturers, imported goods from Henei Zengcui Import & Export Trading Co. This Chinese company specializes in the production and sales of construction materials and finished building materials, but it claims to be exporting men’s pants.



Publican vetted the entire supply chain and detected a high risk of fraudulent behavior
in the company’s business presence, business scope and trade scope consistency, trade
partners vetting, and legal standing. The company was flagged for further scrutiny.


Dubious Business Presence:

The company operates from a residential address with a small, incremental workforce and no web presence, a pattern typically associated with shell companies.



Registered Affiliates:

Publican detected one additional company with mutual officers registered at the same address.


Bad legal History:

Publican’s legal analysis found judgments for trade violations and IP infringement.


Concerning Trade Partner:

The Chinese trade partner is suspected to be part of a network selling chemicals used in drugs such as fentanyl, based on its ties to other Chinese companies selling fentanyl precursors


How Did Publican Uncover This?


By harnessing its real-time global data, Publican conducted a comprehensive analysis of the company and uncovered subtle but significant signs of their lack of legitimacy. Publican was able to unearth these key insights by checking every element of the company, concluding that the company is likely fraudulent and poses a business risk. The unique ability to gain full visibility in one comprehensive report ensures no risk goes unnoticed.