The shipping of hazardous materials is a particularly challenging process to contend with. With 3.1 billion tons shipped every year in the US alone, a crucial part of it understandably involves complying with the necessary regulations. And for such sensitive materials, different countries have different requirements overseen by various administrations that the shipper must stringently comply with. The standards are indeed high, but necessary, to prevent any potential harm to a country’s people, property, or environment.



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Hazardous Materials Shipped to Europe

In 2022, Publican was tasked with digitally vetting a shipment containing hazardous materials coming into Europe from Southeast Asia, which was revealed to be a chemical called TRI Butoxy Ethyl Phosphate; a yellow viscous liquid used primarily as a flame retardant. Since all hazardous materials crossing borders must be checked due their sensitive nature, Publican found the shipment suitable for clearance, but designated it with caution for further safety inspection.

By using Publican’s groundbreaking Hazardous Materials Analysis, the European customs authority receiving the shipment was able to:


Organize Checks Ahead of Time:

By digitally gaining detailed information about the chemical (TRI Butoxy Ethyl Phosphate) ahead of time, they were able to pre-coordinate with the right health official and organize everything in advance, avoiding any potential scheduling conflicts to promptly inspect the materials.


Access Unprecedented Levels of Detailed Information about the Material:

Publican provided them with a preliminary level of intelligence deeper than any other solution, which included potential health hazards, general precautions, storage instructions, and an electronic record of the safety information label that is legally attached to any chemical being transported.



Save Time, Effort & Money:

By pre-coordinate the necessary checks in advance instead of waiting for the physical bill of lading, the customs authority was able maintain a smooth uninterrupted process while clearing the hazardous material, saving them time, effort, and money.


Importer Stays in the Loop:

pre-shipment inspection also allowed the importer to initiate the necessary preparations ahead of time, enabling them to avoid costly & significant fines of up to $100k in some cases.




Publican’s Hazardous Materials Analysis can significantly transform the HazMat shipping challenge and prove a gamechanger in helping customs authorities release hazmat materials faster and more efficiently. And in an area vulnerable to regulatory errors and corruption, its utilization of secure digital data helps them gain the confidence needed to prepare accordingly from the very outset.


Publican’s Digital Shipment Vetting Solution has already proved itself instrumental in deciphering red flag shipments that operate outside the legal boundaries, but with 800,000 legitimate ‘green’ shipments every year containing hazardous materials, it now has the capability to reach even further and help customs better optimize all shipments coming.