Fraud Pattern:
Misdeclaration of HS code

The Challenge

Capturing Tariffs Revenues

The client, a West African Customs administration, reached out to Publican after noticing a significant increase in counterfeit shipments, specifically medication and vaccines, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

shipment vetting
The Shipment

Disassembled Motorcycles From Vietnam

Publican digitally inspects every shipment’s documentation and cross-checks it with unique, relevant, and reliable global sources to determine its authenticity.

Cargo Vetting
Risk Vectors Detected by Publican

Scope of Business Misalignment & Weight Inconsistency

  • The shipper has a variety of unrelated scope of businesses (Motorcycles & wholesale food)
  • Declared HS Code description and commodity desc do not match (the declared goods are unassembled motorcycles, whereas the declared HS code is for rubber inner tubes)
  • Market Value: the declared goods didn’t match the market value

detecting shipments

Increasing Tariffs Revenues

Publican is fully integrated with the client’s internal platform to stop revenue leakage without slowing down the flow of goods.