Publican’s Digital Shipment Vetting Solution is driven by four key priorities that help facilitate trade:


Enabling the Free Flow of Goods: With the modernization and harmonization of trading processes emerging as a central priority for the customs ecosystem, Publican streamlines, simplifies, and sharpens the process of clearing legitimate goods. As the only solution capable of providing 100% inspection pre-arrival through the use of AI-driven real-time capabilities, it cuts down time-to-release substantially, reduces cost-to-release by an average of $1,000 per shipment, dramatically reducing the overall time and cost to import goods. This creates a freer flow of trade for the state and limits the need for costly resources required to tackle delays, leading to an estimated 22.3% increase in revenues.


Revenue Collection: With authorities leaking over $900 billion every year in lost revenues through fraudulent, misdeclared, and undervalued goods, Publican’s system helps customs cut the deficit with 100% real time digital inspection that ensures all rates are applied correctly.
It’s the only solution compatible with all existing trade facilitation systems and risk management modules, and through its consistent collection of fines, tariffs, penalties, alongside an increased trading volume, the system empowers customs with consistent revenue generation and ensures no good entering the country goes unaccounted for. Publican is also the only solution capable of calculating the exact revenue to be earned by correct declaration of flagged shipments.


Combat Illicit Trade: From public health safety to national security, Illicit goods can wreak havoc once they’ve entered a border. As the only solution capable of automatically collecting unique data in real time from thousands of global sources to create the most comprehensive and accurate shipment risk profile, Publican’s unique capabilities can expose a wide range of fraud and risk patterns, otherwise invisible to customs agencies. This enables border authorities to ensure all goods coming in are legitimate, while interdicting drugs, counterfeit, or substandard goods, misdeclared items, and anything that might pose a risk to national security. It thoroughly analyses and vets all shipments to accurately determine risk levels within a matter of seconds, providing greater peace of mind for countries who must keep the growing tide of illicit traders at bay.


Compliance: Amidst continued sanctions, policy shifts, and a supply chain in disarray, ensuring that authorities remain aligned with regulatory requirements has become anything but straightforward. As the only digital vetting solution endorsed by the WCO and the only solution designed specifically by customs experts for customs, Publican’s system enables authorities to dynamically and flexibly respond to the constant changing of the tide, by allowing them to proactively maintain compliance with AI-driven real-time agility to provide a greater peace of mind within the ever-changing terrain.