Safety and security of the country's citizens and residents

Fraud Pattern:
Import of salvaged vehicles

The Challenge

Digital Transformation

At the end of 2020, Publican started working with one of Latin America’s customs administrations. Like many other countries, this administration was dealing with the illegal import of unroadworthy vehicles, which were repaired and sold as new.

shipment vetting
The Shipment

Dangerous Salvaged Vehicles From The US

Publican digitally inspects every shipment’s documentation and cross-checks it with unique, relevant, and reliable global sources to determine its authenticity. 

Cargo Vetting
Risk Vectors Detected by Publican

Scope of Business Misalignment & Weight Inconsistency

  • Supplier is a salvage cars dealer with a history of commerce in catastrophic vehicles
  • Vehicles were sold at auctions
  • Vehicles incurred integral frame and airbag damage

detecting shipments

Interdiction of Dangerous Cargo

Publican flagged multiple highly dangerous vehicles which pose a severe
risk to the safety and security of the country’s citizens and residents.