Revenue, public health and safety

Fraud Pattern:
Goods misvaluation

The Challenge

Stop Counterfeits from crossing the Border

The client, a West African Customs administration, reached out to Publican after noticing a significant increase in counterfeit shipments, specifically medication and vaccines, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

shipment vetting
The Shipment

A Sesame Seed Cleaning Machine

Publican digitally inspects every shipment’s documentation and cross-checks it with unique, relevant, and reliable global sources to determine its authenticity. 

Cargo Vetting
Risk Vectors Detected by Publican

Scope of Business Misalignment & Weight Inconsistency

  • The shipper’s scope of business does not include any kind of machine, nor does it appear in the company’s brochure.
  • The shipper is connected to a company that distribute dangerous substances
  • Volume and weight inconsistency – Publican’s calculation shows the shipment should be 4.3 tons while the actual weight was 5.8 tons.

detecting shipments

Ensuring Public Safety

The trafficking of counterfeit goods poses a significant health and safety threat to consumers. It also impacts the economic growth of legitimate businesses and consumers through lost revenue, downtime, and replacement costs. To mitigate these threats and help ensure public safety, customs administrations use Publican to dismantle counterfeit imports and hold individuals involved in them accountable.