A pharma shipment heading from Southeast Asia to Western Africa was carrying Promethazine on board, an oral cough syrup medication.


Findings: Publican Detected a High Risk to Public Safety

The exporter, who also happens to be the manufacturer of the medication, was discovered with links to substandard drugs in the past, receiving a WHO blacklisting alongside extremely worrying links to several child deaths in the shipment’s import country.



The declared importer from that same West African country was also found to have been investigated by local authorities for distributing deadly contaminated medicines.



How did Publican uncover this?

By running a comprehensive analysis of both the exporter and the importer’s tenuous past, unearthing the serious nature & habitual pattern of past violations, as well as their operational links to one another—Publican concluded the shipment posed a high public safety risk.



Whereas this operation was previously able to continue undetected, Publican’s ability to alert customs to the dangerous shipment before arrival helped them ensure the safety standards of everyday medicines & avoid the serious repercussions of years gone by.