Seamlessly vet every event-goer at scale

Automatically identify amongst the crowd the individuals that require special attention to ensure a positive experience at every event and prevent risks before they materialize
event Vetting
Masses of people increases risk.
Global major events are a celebrated collection of people.
But a huge gathering of tourists, fans, employees and contractors multiplies the uncertainty, presenting an even bigger challenge to entertainment and public venues to reduce risk.
guest events vetting
digital guest vetting
Ultra makes events safe
Ultra’s digital vetting technology finds and flags potential risks in real-time by identifying suspicious people based on their online activity making it possible to quickly and automatically vet event-goers to ensure that major events won’t be disrupted by unwanted behavior.
Enjoy a successful and secure event
We help make it possible to create and secure trusted environments delivering the confidence of the public
to enjoy a carefree experience.
shipment vetting
AI driven checks for risky behavior patterns
100% vetting in seconds
More efficient screenings
Uncovers low
signature risks
Real-time insights and full transparency

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