Optimize the safety of your facilities from outside and within

Using digital vetting to create a trusted environment within your facilities seamlessly without slowing your operations down
cargo vetting
At any given time, there is a constant flow of people and cargo coming, going and interacting with your logistic
centers and facilities.
Maintaining real-time visibility and transparency requires risk-management verification at scale to ensure efficiency.
cargo verification
cargo vetting
Ultra ensures safety without compromising efficiency
Ultra’s robust AI technology can optimize the safety of your facilities from people to cargo with fast, accurate and seamless verification at scale to avoid unnecessary risk and enable business continuity while providing a safe environment.
Check people and cargo without slowing you down
Our goal is to ensure that your facilities are safe without impacting the efficiency of your supply chain.
digital shipment vetting
shipment vetting
AI Driven checks
for risky behavior
100% vetting in
High accuracy across varied
Uncovers low
signature risks
Real-time insights and full

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