Check all passengers with zero human involvement

Assure fast and safe flow of passengers throughout the terminal halls, immigration check points and security checks
Airports vetting
As the number of passengers rise with global travel resuming, airports are often the gate for potential national security risks.
The ability to protect sovereignty and ensure the lawful movement of people while maintaining efficient security procedures is becoming a challenge.
airports vetting
airports passenger vetting
Ultra enables the safe and free flow of passengers.
Ultra's unique and innovative digital vetting technology automatically checks for any risky or suspicious individuals based on their online activity. This new intelligence layer is integrated into the existing airport security systems, enabling them to expose risks, without interrupting the free and convenient flow of passengers.
Secure the entire passenger trajectory
Our goal is to empower your existing security infrastructure with real-time intelligence by quickly and accuratly correlating a person’s physical identity with their digital behavior essentially providing 100% coverage of all travelling passengers.
shipment vetting
AI driven checks for risky
behavior patterns
100% vetting in
High accuracy across varied
Uncovers low
signature risks
Automated real-time decision

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